Why I'm not going to scan in your "dream villager" for free...(A rant)

If there’s one problem I’ve run up against, it’s the fact that one of my Animal Crossing blessings has become a curse. And it’s not a fun one to deal with either.

Posted: 16th April 2020 11:25 PM | By Sunny

Currently the world is in crisis, and I completely understand that. To the point I’ve decided my best method of escapism is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When I’m not grading student work, checking my email, or helping a student with a problem, you can find me chopping wood, fishing, or doing other things in my tiny island town of Tortuga.

But if there’s one problem I’ve run up against, it’s the fact that one of my Animal Crossing blessings has become a curse. And it’s not a fun one to deal with either.

Maybe I was too nostalgic...or too stupid to throw away my collection of amiibo cards I’ve had since New Leaf, but I didn’t. And now that choice is coming back to haunt me, worse than some other choices I’ve made so far (like listing my town as public once on turnip.exchange, or listing popular villagers for trade on nookazon and saying “make me an offer”)...

See, I have some “popular” villagers in my amiibo cards. I don’t have Marshal or Julian, but I do have 98% of the Wolf Villagers (all but Freya’s card, and Audie who isn’t an amiibo yet), and some others that people are really after. Since I have their amiibo cards, and I’m a time traveler, this means I can scan them in and get them moved out quicker than others.

But, this doesn’t mean it’s easy. Oh heck no. Not easy at all. For those who have not experienced the pain that is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Amiibo system, allow me to break it down…

For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to pick Ray, the founder of this website (for example purposes). Ray is generally a good bloke most of the time. But one day he decides he wants me as his friend to move out Whitney for him. I (being a good friend and also because I don’t want to get “fired” from my job for which I get paid nothing amirite?), decide to be nice and do it.

So here’s how the process goes down:

Step 1. I get out my Whitney card from my amiibo card stack and run my fine pixelated tush to the Resident Services building where I scan Whitney’s card in.

Step 2. Run to the campsite and talk to Whitney and get a request from her for a DIY item. It can be any DIY item, one you know or not. The materials can vary. I’ve had a camper ask me for a gold dish set, which required a gold ore (not easy to find).

Step 3. Make the DIY item and return to the campsite.

Step 4. Do steps 1-3 two more times. Yes. You heard me. And by the way, you can only do steps 1-3 once a day, so I have to time travel unless I want to wait. That means time traveling a day ahead, doing 1-3, then time traveling ahead again and doing it over again.

Step 5. Finally get her to move in by asking (and kicking out another villager if I don’t have a plot open.)

Step 6. Do Steps 1-5 with ANOTHER amiibo to kick Whitney out. Yes, You heard me. I have to do this AGAIN with another amiibo to force her to move.

Step 7. Open my gates and let Ray come and get Whitney to move in by asking.

So all together, this takes multiple steps, 6 in game days, and tons and tons of DIY crafting and materials. This doesn’t even take into account people being impatient and constantly messaging me via social media about said villager, or other people randomly coming to my island when I open the gates without asking (a common occurrence, sadly), or real life getting in the way.

So no, I’m not gonna do this for free. Not unless you are a really good friend who I really adore. It’s too much time and effort. I might not charge insane prices, but I am going to want something for what I had to go through.

I want to enjoy my island, and moving in villagers and kicking them out isn’t my definition of it. So if you need me, I’ll be cutting some wood.