Gulliver's Ship Mechanic causes outrage amongst players in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A recent update in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp focusing on Gulliver's Ship mechanic, angered alot of players by introducing a new system.

Posted: 30th September 2019 11:00 PM | By Ray

Gulliver's Ship

Gulliver's Ship allows you to get sweets and 'souvenirs' in exchange for trading materials. Generally, the more you export with Gulliver, the more points you receive which can get you better souvenirs. In order to obtain new villagers through Gulliver, you used to get them randomly. This has been changed to finding villager maps which allow you to play a mini game, rolling a dice with more materials until you eventually unlock the new villager.

The catch? The villager maps are amongst the souviners you receive and are not always guarranteed, in order to get additional souveniers you have to pay using leaf tickets or wait a long period of time and try again which is also not guarranteed. This essentially puts new villagers behind a pay wall.

Players turned to Isabelle UK's official twitter page to complain about the recent update, resulting in every new tweet being flooded with complaints and hate towards the game creators:

pocket camp gulliver update twitter comments

After a period of turning a blind eye to the comments, the creators of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp were forced to respond and released a statement saying:

For a full guide of the new update, read our full 2.9.0 pocket camp update coverage

Additionally, in order to compensate players, the team have given out the following generous gift of 250 Leaf Tickets so be sure to claim these as they're only available from 24/9/2019 at 7:00am to 24/10/2019 at 6:59am BST! You can find the 250 Leaf Tickets in your mailbox in-game, just be sure to collect them!

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