10 Things You Need To Know About Time Travelling in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

For all you budding time travellers (or players averse to it!), we've created a list of things you should know and plan ahead for! Spoiler Warning!

Posted: 23rd March 2020 7:30 PM | By Sunny

Great Scott! It’s only been three days since Animal Crossing: New Horizons has launched, and there are tons of things to explore. Most of you are taking it slow, enjoying the bracing island breezes, the beautiful music, and the relaxed pace of island life day-by-day.

But not I! I, Resident Representative Sunny of the Island of Tortuga, have used my time travelling skills to bring you news on things you need to know as you progress through your game! So here’s my list for you to read while I refill my flux capacitor…

animal crossing new horizons town hall

10. Pretty much every item has a purpose.

I remember playing Fallout 4 for the first time and my little brother telling me that I shouldn’t carry as much “junk” as I did. But that junk sure came in handy when it came to crafting supplies for my settlements. While the island life is not as creepy as post-nuclear America, the same still rings true in this game.

Starting in March due to the launch date, I was glad to find a ton of bugs, fish, and materials. But one material that had me scratching my head was something that came from using an axe on fully grown bamboo.

animal crossing new horizons young spring bamboo

What in the world is young spring bamboo? Well, fast forward a couple of in game “days” and Isabelle told me what it was for in a morning broadcast. Apparently in spring, bamboo will give out young spring bamboo as a seasonal DIY ingredient.

animal crossing new horizons bamboo noodle slide

So needless to say, it’s important that you not throw things away or sell them until you are sure you will not need them later.

9. Don’t stress out about where you place your home, or animals’ homes. You can move them later.

Yes. I am here to give you hope. Once you have the resident services building open, you will be able to move your house and the houses of your animal residents. So don’t be too concerned about where you put your houses the first time and relax.

animal crossing new horizons tom nook construction costs

8. You will not run out of supplies.

Now you may say “Excuse me Ms. Sunny but I need iron and there is none to be found!” but fear not! There are ways around this problem.

Day 2 of your island experience means the opening of the Dodo Airport. Tom Nook will also teach you about “Nook Miles Tickets” which you can spend 2,000 Nook Miles to obtain. These tickets will allow you to visit a random island through dodo airlines, which will allow you an almost limitless supply of flowers, bamboo, fruit, wood, and of course, rocks/minerals.

"You will be able to move your house and the houses of your animal residents. So don’t be too concerned about where you put your houses the first time."

7. Buy from Mabel as soon as you are “able”.

Puns aside, if you buy from Mable every time she stops in town to sell clothing. Eventually you will unlock the option to build a shop for her and her sister to sell clothing at. It’s important that you try to support her and talk to her every time she comes to town to make this go faster.

animal crossing new horizons mable shop

animal crossing new horizons able sisters shop

6. Check the beach every day for messages in a bottle.

Bottled messages wash up on the beach almost every day, and normally they contain a DIY recipe you’ve not found yet. It can be anything from something to wear, to items to customize your house and/or island. So keep looking for those bottles!

animal crossing new horizons message in bottles

5. Fish Bait! Ooh ha ha!

Fish bait is your friend if your primary source of income is going to be fishing. To craft bait, all you have to do is look on the beaches of your island for little holes that squirt water. Dig those up with a shovel and you’ll find manila clams. Those clams can be crafted into fish bait, which when spread out on the water cause a fish to spawn nearby.

animal crossing new horizons fish bait

4. Growing Bell Trees is super easy!

Almost every day you will find a glowing “crack” in the ground. Dig it up to find 1,000 bells. Ka-Ching! But if you bury bells in that glowing hole, a bell tree will be planted! A couple of days later you will have a nice return on your investment!

animal crossing new horizons shining hole money tree

3. You can get some helpful items early, provided you have online friends!

Need a ladder to reach high places? What about getting all of the fruits? Online play unlocks the second day you’re on your island, so take advantage and have some friends who are more advanced help you out with spare tools, fruits and maybe even recipe cards!

2. Catch a falling star, and put it in your pockets…

Well, or wish on it..whichever you prefer. If you’re out at night you may sometimes see falling stars. When you see them, they’ll fall in groups of 3-5. Unequip any tools, look up to the sky using the right stick, and then press “A” to make a wish.

The next day, you’ll find “star fragments” on the beaches of your town, which can be used to make a very magical item that you’ll find quite helpful.

1. You have to “woo” the camping villagers to get them to move in if they’re amiibo invited.

Time to break out the flower petals, candles, and other romantic items. It’s time for ROMANCE. But jokes aside, you have to actually build up a relationship with animals who visit your campsite via amiibo cards to get them to move in. So what are the requirements:

  • Have an open “plot” of land that has not been sold yet. (This requires 10,000 bells to Tom Nook, and to choose a plot somewhere in your town.)
  • Invite the Villager via amiibo to your campsite more than once.
  • Each time they come, they will have a DIY request for you. Don’t worry, they will give you the recipe if you haven’t made that object yet. Make the object and deliver it to them.
  • After you give them the object, they will talk about possibly moving. Invite them to stay. They will either indicate another visit is needed (aka invite them again the next day using amiibo), or they will agree to move in.

animal crossing new horizons amiibo villager wolfgang