How to get a perfect town

In order to obtain a 'perfect town', you need to keep a 'perfect' status for at least 15 days. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, your perfect town status is based off your citizen satisfaction. You can check your current level of citizen satisfaction by talking to isabelle at the front desk.

Once you receive a 'perfect town' status, isabelle's comments will read back as:

Town layout

animal crossing new leaf tree
Trees & Flowers

Your town is divided into a 4x5 acre pattern, with a total of 20 acres. In order to achieve a 'perfect town' status, your town must have inbetween 100-200 total trees of any type, a minimum of 75 flowers of any type.

animal crossing new leaf acres map

The amount of trees/flowers per acre doesn't matter as it did in the previous games. The type of trees that count towards your total includes regular trees, fruit trees, leafless trees, fully grown bamboo and palm trees.

animal crossing new leaf public work project fountain
Public Work Projects

You need a minimum of 10 public work projects not including the museum upgrade, fortune shop, dream suite, town hall & train station designs.

There are particular public work projects which will reduce your overall citizen satisfaction. This includes:

  • drilling rig
  • garbage can
  • illuminated arch
  • illuminated clock
  • illuminated heart
  • illuminated tree
  • solar panels
  • stadium light
  • tire toy
  • video screen

animal crossing new leaf bluebear

If you have less than 10 villagers living in your town, this can reduce citizen satisfaction so make sure you have at least a minimum of 10.

Things which will void a perfect acre:

  • More than 2 weeds in an acre
  • More than two items in an acre, excluding buried fossils, buried gyroids, burief pitfalls, mushrooms, fruit, shells, or acorns.

Perfect Town Rewards

animal crossing golden watering can
Golden Watering Can

Once you've maintained a perfect town for 15 consecutive days, you'll receive the golden watering can from Isabelle if you ask her about citizen satisfaction. The golden watering can lets you water 9 flowers at a time.

animal crossing new leaf public work project flower clock
New Public Work Projects

Upon received the perfect town status responsive from Isabelle, you will unlock the flower clock public work project. Building this improves your citizen satisfaction by alot. You don't lose the public work project if you lose perfect status.

animal crossing new leaf jacobs ladders
Jacob's Ladders & Rare Mushrooms

Whilst you have the perfect town status, you might randomly get jacob's ladders flowers appear near to the top of your cliffs, these are white bell shaped flowers which don't go away even if you lose your perfect town status. Additionally, if you have any tree stumps, you may find rare mushrooms growing next to them. These mushrooms can be sold for a decent amount of bells.