Bunny Day DIY Recipes & Items List

animal crossing zipper t bunny

Animal Crossing: New Horizons's first event is in full force and it's Bunny Day by Zipper T. Bunny! The event lasts from April 1-12 alongside the cherry blossom period. To start the event, you need to download the 'version 1.1.1a' by connecting your Nintendo Switch Online and updating your game.

In this time, you'll find Zipper T. Bunny visiting your island, if you find him, he'll task you with finding eggs and egg diy recipes which are hidden in varoius places such as rocks, trees & rivers. Zipper mentions if you find and create all the recipes by April 12th, you'll receive a special commemorative reward for your efforts!

animal crossing new horizons zipper t bunny day

Where to find the eggs?

animal crossing new horizons earth eggs

Earth Eggs

You can find earth eggs in the same way you do fossils. Each day you'll get a set amount of earth eggs buried underground so be sure to get them every day. If you run out, you can also find some on mystery islands if you're lucky!

Look for star marked patterns in the grass and use a shovel to dig these eggs up.

animal crossing new horizons sky eggs

Sky Eggs

Throughout the event, you'll see rainbow-coloured egg balloons floating across your island in the same way as normal balloons. Shooting these balloons will drop sky eggs. These balloons are available all day and don't have a limited daily amount.

To shoot down these egg-themed balloons you'll need to craft a slingshot! The recipe for a slingshot can be purchased from Nook's Cranny, inside the display cabinet.

animal crossing new horizons water eggs

Water Eggs

Water eggs can be caught from ponds, rivers or oceans using a fishing rod. Look for medium sized fish as you can see from the screenshot to find these eggs!

You can also find water eggs when fishing on mystery islands and are available at any time of day.

animal crossing new horizons leaf eggs

Leaf Eggs

You can find 3-4 cherry blossom trees with leaf eggs on them each day on your island (or on mystery islands!). Simply shake the tree to get the 3 leaf eggs.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, your trees will be normal sapling trees found across your island.

animal crossing new horizons stone eggs

Stone Eggs

To find stone eggs, you must hit rocks without having eaten any fruit (or you'll break the rock). Getting stone eggs will be random amongst clay, iron nuggets and gold nuggets and there's only a set amount of rocks to hit depending on your island.

Run out of rocks? No problem! Use a nook miles ticket to head on over to a mystery island and you can get stone eggs from rocks there! You need a shovel, stone axe or axe to hit rocks with. The shovel works the best for this.

animal crossing new horizons wood eggs

Wood Eggs

Wood eggs can be found by hitting a tree with either a flimsy axe, stone axe or axe. A flimsy/stone axe is recommended as it doesn't break the tree afterwards! Any kind of tree will do and your wood eggs will be random amongst wood, softwood and hardwood.

You can only get 3 of the above items from a single tree each day, so if you run out of trees, you can head over to a mystery island and hack at those!

How to get DIY recipes

Talk to Villagers

Each day, you might get a '!' ping from a villager when you walk by them. You'll see an exclamation mark above their head and they'll run over to you. If you talk to them, sometimes they might give you a new bunny day recipe to help you out with the event.

Shoot down balloons

Most of your recipes will come from the egg-shaped balloons that are floating over your island during the day. If you shoot these out of the sky with a slingshot, you may either get a sky egg or a brand new bunny furniture recipe!

animal crossing new horizons egg message bottles

Egg-coloured Message Bottles

Every day you'll see a brand new message bottle wash up on your beach shores. You normally get one a day, but this will be a special egg-coloured bottle which will have a new DIY recipe from Zipper T. Bunny himself!

There will be 2 bottles each day on your shores whilst this event is going on, so you won't miss out on your normal diy message bottle.

DIY recipes from harvesting eggs

After picking up (or fishing out) eggs, you'll sometimes get a notification message where the character thinks up a new DIY recipe. These recipes will be specifically clothes/accessory recipes.

Bunny Day DIY Items List

We'll update the list with the final 4 items you receive from Zipper T. Bunny on Bunny Day (April 12th)! These items are the bunny day arch, bunny day wobbling zipper toy & the bunny day wand which you receive as a reward for crafting all the other items.

Egg Requirements

The total amount of eggs required to build every single bunny day furniture item, clothing & accessory is 202 eggs.