My little son has bow knees

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My little son has bow knees

Post by Larry4Styles »

I need some advice. My little son (3.5 years old) is overweight. Because of this, he still can't walk and has bow knees. Doctors say that this can only be corrected if he loses weight. But we can't lose weight. What do you advise?

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Re: My little son has bow knees

Post by Raymond2Shaw »

Why can't your kid lose weight? You should review your son's supply, he may need a diet. You should also use special gymnastics for kids. Don't let your child have health problems.

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Re: My little son has bow knees

Post by ScottHiggins »

I also agree with the opinion posted above. You definitely need advice from a nutritionist and pediatrician. By your negligence, you harm the health of your kid. I'd also advise you to read the information here on Here you'll find a lot of useful tips and information on how to treat people with knee problems. All the best to your son.

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