Tradings Villagers

Trade villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with other players here. Sell, giveaway and auction villagers!
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Tradings Villagers

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     I am trading villagers for bells. I currently have Marshal, Fauna, Whitney, Stitches, and Bob on my island and i am trading each villager for 2M bells each. Now the best part is that if more than on person wants one certain villager out of those i can give all of them 1 because i have their amibo. So if you would like one of these feel free to contact me and ill get back to u with a dodo code but stay online because i hate waiting. i also have fang and lolly's amibo as well as others so if you want a different villager feel free to comment. i do have raymond and judy on my island but do not have their amibo so im not gonna trade them btw. any question leave it in the comments and ill get back to u as soon as posible. 

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