Favourite feature of ac pc?

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Favourite feature of ac pc?

Post by Ray »

I'm a bit of a naturist (no not the naked kind) who likes nature, forests, different areas to explore so naturally my favourite part of the new game is the different areas, salt-water shores, breezy hollows, can't remember the river name...

I could never get into decorating too much, i'm not very creative. I love collecting though and getting everything perfectly. I do admit I lost 100% ages ago (actually missed one of the first 2017 xmas items and the re-releases), that was one of the reason i stopped for a long while. But i'll set for less than 100% (i think it's impossible now with the fortune cookies)  x_x

It's a shame you can't play with others live though but i guess that's what separates it from console ac games.   :)

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Re: Favourite feature of ac pc?

Post by ViniciusJunior »

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Re: Favourite feature of ac pc?

Post by barbarasmith12 »

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