All the New Events and NPCs coming to New Horizons - Details

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All the New Events and NPCs coming to New Horizons - Details

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Feel free to check out the information in video form or written :)

New Events and NPC Details

We have all been waiting eagerly for the next update from Nintendo for Animal Crossing New Horizons and it is here!

Not only have they announced all the details for the next event in game, Nature Day, but they have also revealed all upcoming events from now through to June.

Just like the last Bunny Day event, Nature Day will also last longer than one day. It will be active from April 23rd to May 4th. During this time, players will have new, limited edition Nook Miles Plus activities to strive for including planting shrubs. This is also linked to the addition of a new NPC; Leif. The happy little sloth Leif was introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf to run a gardening store and it seems like he is keeping this job position in New Horizons with a stall in the plaza. Nintendo has named his wheel cart of plants ‘Leif’s Garden Shop’ so I wonder whether he will eventually build a permanent shop on the island or whether his presence will only be an occasional visit to the plaza.

It seems like Leif only sells four types of shrubs and 6 types of flowers at any one time but I suspect there are definitely more than this available. I can confirm that pink azalea, white azalea, orange tea olive and yellow tea olive bushes will be attainable to grow on your island. Not only are there individual flower bushes but there is something that I am particularly excited about and that is hedging! It seems like you will be able to place this type of vegetation like fencing which looks so gorgeous. Something that the update video didn’t show is how the bushes and hedging changes with the seasons. I can’t wait to see what this looks like.

Overlapping with the Nature Day event is May Day. Again, not just celebrated for one day. I love celebrating May Day in real life so I’m excited to see how we can enjoy this spring event in Animal Crossing. It will run from May 1st to May 7th and introduces a new location to visit with special May Day tickets. You can use these tickets at Dodo airlines who will fly you to a brand new island type. These different tours will lead you to maze like areas covered in bushes and hedging. It seems like if you manage to navigate the labyrinth, you could be rewarded with tools.

After Nature Day, in late May, we will celebrate International Museum Day which of course lasts for a week. It will be active from May 18th to May 31st and is most probably Blathers favourite time of year. In honour of Museum Day, he hosts a Stamp Rally. I absolutely adore this. I’m an avid museum fan in real life. My parents would drag me around palaces, ruins, stately homes and castles which has turned me into a big history buff. I loved completing little task booklets and children’s activities like stamp collecting in all these places. Gosh I feel like such a nerd admitting this. Well it seems like we will get special in game rewards for collecting stamps at particular locations such as the coral reef, the coast and serenity tank in the museum exhibits.

The final event that has been announced is Wedding Season which lasts the entire month of June! For this event period, players will be able to visit Harvey on his island tour to create anniversary photos. New wallpaper, flooring, clothing and items are all themed for traditional weddings. There doesn’t seem to be much else to this event but there is the introduction of two new NPCs; Reese and Cyrus. This adorably cute alpaca couple ran a shop in Animal Crossing New Leaf so I am intrigued by their presence in the update video. Are they just amiibos that have been scanned in and used to pose for photos or will they be interactable NPC’s that will visit our island.

Not related to a specific event, Nintendo has also announced a new NPC’s coming to our shores soon. That is Redd. If you watched my video or read my post on the massive data mine reveal, you will know that this information was actually leaked a couple of days ago. As a result, I wonder whether Nintendo originally intended to reveal Redd now or whether they have brought the announcement forward due to this.

Either way, it seems like the data mine was correct. Redd the sly fox is going to sail to the small secret beach hidden on the north shore of everyone’s island. Although his ship looks a little rusty and neglected, Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler carries some incredible riches. Inside, you will find works of art. But no doubt that all but one of those pieces will be fake so keep a close eye on any small details that appear out of place. A big surprise here is that Redd also seems to be selling furniture on his boat. In the reveal video, he seems to have a clock and desk for sale on his ship. I wonder if this is special furniture that you wouldn’t normally be able to purchase from Nook’s Cranny.

With the addition of art, of course there needs to be somewhere to display it. So Nintendo have confirmed the Museum will expand once more to house this new collection. There will be a large hallway exclusively for paintings and statues to be donated to Blathers.

Did you notice another NPC on the May Day island? He was facing away but it was Rover! Yeyy he’s back! This guy is so loved by the community and I saw a lot of upset fans complain in forums when he didn’t seem to be featured in New Horizons. But there he is! His original role in the previous Animal Crossing games was to introduce the player to the game with jovial character creation options. I wonder what his role in the game will be. Is he going to be a villager that you can have living on your island or will he be an NPC that you can interact with?

So what event are you looking forward to the most? I am so happy with the amount of content Nintendo is updating the game with. I know I will keep playing for months to come.
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Re: All the New Events and NPCs coming to New Horizons - Details

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That's good news, I've been searching for it for days 
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Re: All the New Events and NPCs coming to New Horizons - Details

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